Monday, December 18, 2006

Turmoil 2

Oh and to top off all that, I have been feeling like crap and I am worried about flying hom on thursday. My left ear is so clogged that it is painful. I forgot to call the doc office this morning but I will do so tomorrow.

I hope this week is better then last.

I started SWG again for the 3 rd time over the weekend. They have really changed that game, and in my opinion for the better. I actually enjoy it again. Unfortunalty none of my online gaming friends will play it. but then to them SW is just a series of movies.

I really look forward to seeing N. and his family. It has been too long. I look forward to any fishing we may do. It isn't the actual catching of the fish that I like it is the convo's we have.

I just thought of something. Imagine fishing while stoned.......your already relaxed and BSing about life then you introduce weed in to the the convo's you could have. except the muchies would suck......bait ain't good eating for us

Friday, December 15, 2006


This last week has been very tough for me. I have found that I like to use blogs or journals as w ay to express my feelings, and I can do it here since I only know of one person who may read my ramblings and I am not worried if that person thinks I am insane....we all are a little insane....

The week started out with much turmoil between people I greatly admire and I saw things being said which I couldn't ignore but I couldn't respond too. I was greatly affected by the turmoil. I saw people getting hurt, I saw people reacting in anger, I saw people just being plain nasty.

What gets me in all this is those people are role models and acting like children. These people were making comments for the general public to see, not hiding the nastiness at all. They had no problems airing others dirty laundry but refused to let their dirty laundry be aired.

These people are looked up to whether they like it or not they are "masters" of their chosen path, but ignored their training and reacted, instead of using their training. They preach and preach to you and us, but when push comes to shove they can't be relied on. I know we are all human and we all make mistakes, but when you make the same mistake over and over and you do not learn, you are no "master" of anything, well you are a "master" of being a complete asshole.

Yeah I guess you could say I am hurt in all this. I am not sure who I can trust anymore. I know I am learning to trust myself, but that is a daily thing.

Then to top it all off I fucked up badly at work. I went off half cocked without all the information tried to screw my troop with talking to her first (not sexually) and got made to look like a complete fool/idiot/incompetent asshole and I deserved it. I lost the trust of a good troop, and lost my self respect. When she tried to talk to me, I clammed up and made things worse. No I am not depressed, just irratated at myself....I know I learned something from it, but damn that is not much comfort.

Then last night I thought I had the hook up at the Holiday Party. A Beautifull girl that I have seen around in my Group and I have spoken with a few times, well anyway we seemed to hit off setting up for said Holiday Party. I was really looking forward to it. Well the party rolls around and she shows up looking absolutley gorgeous and all of a sudden I didn't exist. I could not get her to say 1 word to me, I tried to catch her eye and got a very cold look in return. So I figure she is there to hook up with some one else and no big deal right? Earlier that day I asked a friend about her since he seemed to know her, well he asked a coworker for me ( I was standing there) and yes she was single and the coworker said she is loopy and he stays away from her.......right........As we were all leaving I saw that coworker get into a car with her and started making out with her. The dude is Married, and his wife is gorgeous.......I don't get the mentality

Oh well such is life

more later......I need to calm down again

Friday, December 1, 2006

Pier Fishing

I decided last Friday to hit the Peir. So I went and bought a bunch of cigar minnows (frozen) becuase last time they were getting hit as fast as you threw them in the water and I bought some squid becuase pins love dem some squid.

So I get out there and the peir is packed!! I find a reletivly clear spot and set up. I throw 1 rod out with a float and weighting down the bait so it sits about 6 feet under the surface and the other I rigged for bottom fishing. I rigged up my medium ugly stik for pins and threw that out there. Oh I was bottom fishing with the Tiger/VS combo.

As I was waiting for the poles to get hit....yes the pins weren't biting at all....I noticed that an old couple about 20 feet were nailing the sheepshead, on cut shrimp......I usually always have shrimp....but not today...becuase last time the minnows were hitting........figures.

well after a few hours of catching nothing, I noticed that alot of people cleared out at the end, so I packed up and moved down there.

Oh wait I have to interject a complaint and a cool thing that did happen. Well first the complaint. Why the hell do parents allow their kids to run amok on a very crowded peir with a pole rigged with 3 treble hooks??? I watched this kid hook a couple people (clothes only...thank god) and then he casted so bad he threw continously over my lines and would bitch to his parents that my lines were in his way......he did the same 5 times to the elderly couple who were nailing the sheepshead....the father and mother were just as bad.....the mother watched me float rig a minnow out and looked at me and casted over my line causing me to reel back and do it again..........I was about ready to use the family as shark bait.

Ok the cool thing....I had the Van Staal in the water and a few guys walked by on their way out. I heard one say to the other " My god that is a 600 dollar reel!" Then both looked at me with was soo awesome. No I am not getting a swelled head, I am just proud of that reel.

well anyway back to the fishing report.

to make a long and drawn out story short, all I caught for the rest of the night was a small blue that was put on the international for bait.....he didn't even get nibbled. So he is now sitting in my freezer awaiting the day he becomes chum...

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Take care of your equipment. I bought a Penn 850ss last night at a pawn shop and this morning I decided to clean it up and restring it. well when I opened up the case it was litterally full of corrosion/salt/sand etc. It has taken me 3+ hours of constant scrubbing/scrapping/brushing to get 90% of the corrosion off. After all the work it turns out that the reel is busted....I need to order new parts :(