Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Da Bird

went fishing this weekend and didn't catch anything but a sunburn and a cold

But I did do a first for me....

As I was casting out I noticed a bird in the cast path and I had already released, well I actually hit a bird in mid-flight....it was awesome and very funny. The bait hit the bird and not the 3 oz sinker I was using. The bird was just fine, just a bit startled and rather pissed.


apatheticdream said...

Heheheh better the bait than the weight :) I've been hitting the river, but nothing to show for it yet...got a few crappie at the lake this weekend though.


Anna Zhan said...

That's really hislarious...would've been better, though, if the bird stole your bait. Or if it dive-bombed you. Really, as long as you suffer, I'll laugh. I'm mean like that. :-P